Reiki Natural Healing

-Universal Life Force

“With Reiki there is always hope. As long as there is life and willingness to spend the time for treatments, there shall be help…. No matter how deeply the cause is buried, Reiki will reach and remove it.” – Mrs. Hawayo Takata, Grand Reiki Master

First Degree Reiki
This gentle yet powerful hands on healing has ancient roots. Once attuned, a Reiki practitioner brings forth through their hands the life force vibration which calls to life and to wellness the energies of those they touch.
Reiki is harmless and can only do good. It is a safe way to encourage healing in any situation. Many people use Reiki in conjunction with traditional medical care, before and after surgery, in healing injuries and in bringing relief from stress and pain. In order for healing to occur, the cells must relax. Reiki helps bring relaxation on all levels. Reiki is also a wonderful gift to give to one’s self. First you learn to treat yourself, to fill up, and then you can easily share with others. When energy levels are a bit low, Reiki to the adrenals can provide a gentle, safe boost. Regular treatments encourage rejuvenation and transformation on a cellular level and serve to prevent illness.

Second Degree
In the second level of Reiki one begins a conscious journey with universal energy fields. These powerful inner teachers enable the practitioner to direct Reiki energy with thought, to send healing energy through time and space. Second degree requires a high level of commitment to the Reiki path and to the healing process. The more time one spends with these inner teachers, the deeper one understands this work and the more one opens to the power of this healing force.

Advanced Second Degree – Deepening with Reiki
The Deepening with Reiki class is a wonderful opportunity to go further in your understanding of the energy fields specific to Reiki. Each time it is offered we explore a different theme, such as healing the past, focusing on organs, the chakras, etc. We do a review of the basics of Second Degree; we explore those concepts further and learn new applications. We also do a group meditation to support our planet. This is a chance to come together with others who are committed to Reiki and impassioned with healing under the leadership of an experienced Reiki Master.

Third Degree
In the third stage of Reiki training one deepens extensively in one’s understanding of the Reiki path and of the energy fields which comprise and govern the Reiki healing force. Third degree is offered as an apprenticeship over a period of two or more years during which the student learns to give attunements and to teach First and Second Degree classes. ( See Apprenticeship)

Reiki Shares
Lotus Blossom Wellness occasionally offers Reiki shares that are open to Reiki practitioners. This is a time to come together as a group to recharge and renew. Each participant takes a turn on the table to receive a group treatment. A very profound sense of relaxation and peace is often experienced. Contact Moksha to be notified of scheduled practices.

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