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Moksha offers the following Holistic Therapies:

Somatic Emotional Clearing:

Through deep therapeutic presence, active listening, sensation-based awareness and sattvic polarity contacts, clients are supported to feel safe in their bodies, to embrace and care for their vulnerable parts and to release constrictions in the body-mind that have resulted from past trauma and injury.

Somatic Developmental Trauma Healing:

Moksha is a certified Transforming Touch® and Transforming Intentional Touch® practitioner under the tutelage of Stephen Terrell, developer of TEB-Transforming the Experienced Brain, and co-author of “Nurturing Resilience”

Transforming Touch® assists individuals to have greater ease and balance in everyday life by regulating the nervous system and bringing safety back to the body. Often times when we are young, our caretakers aren’t able to fully connect and support our early development due to medical or psychological reasons.  This work helps repair those early ruptures through building somatic trust and attachment so that one has more choice and experiences more joy in life. We work very slowly over a period of time so as to minimize re-traumatization and allow for integration. Safety and trust within the therapeutic relationship is the cornerstone for this powerful healing work. 

. Moksha combines Polarity Therapy and Reiki with TEB to enhance this powerful healing work.
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Distant Healing

Moksha offers distant healing services in Polarity Therapy, Reiki natural healing, Transforming Intentional Touch® and Somatic Clearing. Distant Healing sessions are done at a prearranged time when the person receiving can be in a relaxed and safe place, preferably lying down.
With Transforming Intentional Touch® we schedule a time when we can connect in a safe private setting via zoom or another video platform.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a gentle and powerful approach to achieving health and balance which includes working with diet, energy exercises, hands-on energy balancing, attitudes and life-style, and reconnecting with our Source. It is highly effective for reducing stress and pain, bringing relief from tense muscles, increasing vitality in the organs and glands and bringing peace to the mind. Polarity Therapy can provide support through life transitions and through the healing process. More about Polarity therapy…

Reiki (Universal Life Force) is an ancient and powerful form of healing which is applied with the hands. Reiki treats the mind, body, feelings and spirit. It brings more life, vitality, clarity, wellness and peace of mind. Through a lineage of Reiki Masters this gift of healing has been passed down through the years and is available to you today. More about Reiki…

Jin Shin Acupressure

Jin Shin uses principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine to support the healing process by balancing the male and female energies and the five Chinese elements. Many conditions improve with regular treatments which include body-work, acu-yoga and dietary awareness.

Intuitive and Spiritual Healing

Moksha has the ability to sense and effect many layers of energy in her healing work. In alignment with her Higher Self and her spiritual guides and the healing angels, Moksha responds to energetic input which arises in a session. This can take the form of clearing out negative energies or entities, healing other aspects of the being such as “past lives”, or younger selves, strengthening the blueprint and matrix with color, sound or affirmations and releasing energetic ties to other individuals. Spiritual healing is often part of hands on sessions. Moksha can also work from a distance or over the phone. Moksha also shares ways for others to connect to their inner selves, guides and spirit helpers.

Sound Healing

Moksha uses instruments, tuning forks and voice along with her intuitive and energy healing skills to bring balance, regulation and healing through the use of sound.

Ministry Services

As an ordained interfaith minister, Moksha is available for weddings, funerals, baby and house blessings and sacred ceremonies. She embraces the unity of religious ideals and honors all spiritual paths. She can tailor services to one particular path if that is desired, or can combine aspects of two or more religions or spiritual focuses. Contact Moksha about fees.

Classes and Apprenticeship

Throughout her career Moksha has taught individuals and offered classes in the work to which she has been called. Anyone who expresses a genuine interest and who is able to uphold the integrity which this work demands is willingly accepted as a student. Look for classes and trainings in your area or call Moksha about sponsoring a class or setting up a private class. For more information about classes…

A Session with Moksha

One of Moksha’s goals in her work is to bring greater ease into the lives of her clients. Initially there is a consultation to gather information and discuss therapeutic choices. Sessions are tailored to the particular needs of each person. Moksha empowers her clients by sharing tools and information for helping themselves on their journey to wellness. Her work is very supportive during times of transition and challenge. Often Moksha recommends changes in diet, attitudes or life-style. Energetic exercises which facilitate the healing process are also taught. Most sessions involve hands-on bodywork which is gentle and deeply relaxing. After a session with Moksha clients consistently report feeling more energy, clarity and balance.

Contact Moksha: Sessions are by appointment only.

90 minutes    $130
75 minutes    $110
60 minutes   $90
45 minutes   $75

  • Sliding scale option available for financial hardship contact Moksha for details.
  • Special discounts available for public school educators and staff – ask Moksha for details

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